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Google AdWords Ultimate Guide: PPC Search Ads

google adwords ultimate guide

Google is the most used search engine by users around the world. As a business owner if you need more inquiries for your business, then Google Search Engine is the primary source by using which you have generate more conversions for your business. You can drive traffic to your business website from Google either by ranking the website organically using SEO or through a paid search campaign like Google Ads. I personally work with many clients at ClickDo and manage PPC campaigns for them, each month our clients at ClickDo are spending around £5k+ in Google Ads to generate more inquiries for their business. So I have put all my experience on Google Ads campaign and have written this book. If you are a beginner who is planning to start the Google Ads, then this book will be the best choice for you to learn everything about Google AdWords. In this book, I have explained everything right from Google Ads Account creation to Ad Creation with realtime examples.

How To Create A Website From Scratch - Complete Guide

how to create a website

The usage of Internet by normal users is growing day by day. People started using Google to find any information which they are looking for or to buy any products. If you are reading this, then you should have used Google search at least once in a day to find about something. Hence if you are planning to make money online, then blogging will be one of the best ways to get started with. As a business owner, you should increase your online presence to stand top among your competitors. Website is the best source for you to get more reach among the online audiences. Even if you are a business owner or a person who is planning to start a blog, you need to have your own website to drive more traffic from Google Search. I personally manage 200+ blogging websites owned by ClickDo and 40+ business owner’s websites in the UK. I have decided to help the beginners with my knowledge in website creation and hence I have written this book where I have covered everything about creating a new website from the scratch. I have covered all the aspects related to website creation like domain registration, web hosting, WordPress installation, theme Customization, basic SEO optimization in this book. I am offering this book for Free and hence anyone can learn the stuffs easily.

Link Building Guide For SEO

link building guide

Backlinks are the core factor in the Off-Page SEO. If you are working in SEO, then you will be always in a hunt for the best links for the client’s website. In this book, I have explained in detail about Link Building in SEO. When it comes to SEO, there is no written script to rank a website. It’s all about proper research and implementation based on the specific niche. At ClickDo, I have closely worked with many clients in London and have ranked websites in many niches like payroll services, orthodontist, cleaning & rubbish clearance, hair transplant, photography studio, pest control, etc. I have shared all my experience in this book about SEO and backlinks in detail. I have shared four different case studies in this book for you to understand the link building dynamics in a better. This book is available for free in Google Books. If you are beginner in SEO or well experienced, this book will help you get more insights on link building.