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International SEO Consultant

Digital Marketing Expert | Blogger

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO to optimize the business websites to make them perform well on Google’s SERP (Search Engines Results Page)

Link Building | Press Release Services

Off Page SEO services like building powerful baklinks/press releases to the websites to increase the authority and rank on Google

Google Ads | Facebook Ads | Remarketing

Paid marketing campaigns like Google ads, Facebook ads and remarkeitng for business websites to increase the sales.

A few things I’m great at

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a technique by using which i optimize the business website to rank on Google SERP’s for the potential search terms.  

Google Ads (PPC) | Facebook Ads | Remarketing

Paid marketing campaigns include Google ads, Facebook ads & remarketing for business websites.  

Link Building – Off Page SEO

Building authority backlinks to a business website will help to improve the sites authority on Google & perform well on Google SERP’s. I building niche releavant backlinks & help in SEO.

Guest Blogger & Outreach Expert

I closely work with many High authority blogs in UK & all around the world. Through this I help business owners to publish blogs about their business & increase their brand reach. 

What is International SEO?

SEO is all about ranking a website on top of the search engines for the target user search queries. When it comes to international SEO, it mostly links with ranking overall on targeted countries. As a business owner, you may have business operations happening in multiple countries and in that case you need to hire a professional International SEO expert to rank your websites worldwide or on any specific countries.

International SEO is all about researching the competition and working based on the countries. Right from On page content writing to blog link building, everything need to be made sure that is done based on the International SEO standards to achieve the ranks on the targeted locations.

As a business owner if you are planning to dominate reach in multiple countries, then International SEO is a go to option for you by using which you can rank and bank in all the targetted countries and increase the inquiry rate for your business.

Even having the country specific TLD domain extensions for your business is a big bonus. So the targetting for each country becomes more easy. This also includes multi lingual SEO targeting. Even big giants like Amazon and other online businesses have country specific TLD’s to rank and dominate the competitors in their niche.

international seo consultant

International SEO Consultant – What I do?

International SEO Consultant like me work on different aspects to rank your business website on the different targeted locations. I have personally worked on many client websites in UK and ranked the websites in niches like rubbish removal, dental, pest control, hair transplant and in many other niches. One of my recent ranking case study is about ranking a cosmetic clinic client in Turkey in hair transplant niche.

In UK, I have solid SEO results as I operate as a Senior SEO Consultant at ClickDo and have ranked bunch of International SEO clients from different niches. Some of the ranking screenshots and the traffic improvements are listed below. As an International SEO expert, I have outranked many premium clients in Dental niche and ranked our client on top spots for many highly competitive keywords.

How I do International SEO?

When it comes to SEO, its all about keeping it very smart, strategic and simple. Trying more shortcuts and irrelevant bunch of backlinks will harm your SEO. As a business owner, you should always make sure that your SEO consultant has enough knowledge and ranking proofs before you hire them.
In SEO, its all about content quality and On Page optimization which you need to make it perfect before entering into the spicy back linking factor. When you are building links to rank on a specific country, then you should always make sure that backlinks are coming from specific country based TLD domains and not just general websites.

seo ranks of dental client in uk

Why your business needs more online reach?

If you are business owner who is still dealing with offline sales, then you should bring your business to online soon. The reason behind this is that people started searching in Google for all their day to day requirements right from food to cosmetics. The chances of people visiting the physical store to buy something is decreasing day by day. Hence if you are planning to start a new business or running a business for quiet long time, Then you should have some online presence. 

Online presence hear can be by any medium like having a business website or having a Facebook page for your business or having a Google My Business listing for your business. Having good online reach will help you get inquiries for your business from many sources. At the end of the you will be flooding with leads from many online platforms.

Are you planning to start a new business website? Register your domain today!

What we do at ClickDo & SeekaHost?

We as a team provide all the services that business people need right from domain registration to online marketing as listed below!

At SeekaHost, we provide the services like domain registration, business web hosting, personal web hosting, PBN hosting and many more. 

At ClickDo Ltd, we provide the services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, Web Design, Link Building, Press Release, Citation building services and many more.

So as a business people, you can get all the services from us under one roof for all your online activities. We have a vibrant team to do the best for your business success.

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