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About Me

Dinesh Kumar VM, born and raised in India. Blogger, Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant. Skilled in Blogging, SEO & Paid Campaigns. Wrote & published various books related to SEO, Blogging, Web Development & Google AdWords. Dinesh Kumar VM, Skilled International SEO Consultant has plenty of experience in Search Engine Optimization. Dinesh is also a contributing author of many premium Business Blogs and Magazines.

Well, As you know I’m Dinesh & I started my career in SEO/Digital Marketing during my college days with my friends Gowdham & Aslam. After my school days, I have joined the bachelor’s degree in the field of Computer Science & Engineering at KPR Institute of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore.

READ MY FULL CAREER STORY AT https://www.dineshkumarvm.com/my-career/ 

As you know all about Engineering is mainly not to be a bookworm, Instead, we need to be proactive & update ourselves in the evolving technologies & master it. So myself with Gowdham & Aslam have decided to something extra during the college days & hence we picked the domain SEO and succeeded in it.

We met Logesh during our college days and started working in SEO by starting a brand new website called KPR Blog (it’s not live at the moment). Myself with my team started updating the educational piece of contents related to Engineering in our blog. Logesh helped with some basic SEO knowledge to get started with. We faced hard times during the start and after like 6 to 8 months we figured out how SEO actually works. We as a team started implementing SEO terminologies to our blog and it started performing well on Google search. After that it became a hobby for us to rank for some keywords in the educational field during our college days.

After completing the bachelor’s degree in the year 2017, even though me, Gowdham & Aslam have placed in some IT-based companies, We ignored the offers as we are not interested to work in 9 to 5, Monday to Friday normal workstyle. We planned to focus only on SEO based works. Then we met Fernando Raymond – #1 SEO Consultant in London where the real SEO game started for us.

Fernando is CEO & Founder of two companies namely ClickDo Ltd (SEO Agency in London) & SeekaHost Ltd (Web Hosting Company). Once we start working with Fernando, we realized that we have applied only few things in the past during our college days for our educational blog. Fernando helped us to explore what the actual SEO game is and we as a team started working for international clients at ClickDo Ltd. So from 2017, I’m working as Digital Strategy Consultant at ClickDo Ltd and my friends Gowdham & Aslam are managing SeekaHost. At ClickDo, I handle clients in multiple verticals not only for SEO, but also for Google Ads, & Facebook Ads too.

READ MY FULL CAREER STORY AT https://www.dineshkumarvm.com/my-career/