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Free Guest Posting Sites – Top 10 High DA PA Blog Submission Sites List 2023

free guest posting sites

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is the process of outreaching to the websites owned by others and publishing a blog post on them along with a backlink to your website. Guest posting can be done either in paid or free basis.

Usually, website owners accept only paid guest posts in their website, But there are free guest posting sites where you can publish guest posts for absolutely free and get a backlink to your website.

I have listed few blog submission sites which accept free guest posts upon certain terms and conditions. You can check out the below websites and outreach them personally to get your blog published today.

How do I start guest posting?

Guest posting is not a very complicated task. You can get started so easily, all you need to do is spend more time on the internet and outreach for niche-relevant websites.

For example, if you need UK business blogs for guest posting. You can just go to Google and search for “uk business blog”

uk business blog guest posting

Based on the search results, you can personally get in touch with each of the site and ask for a guest post. Even though there are many sites that accept only paid posts, there are even few sites which accept free guest posts.

Do guest posts get paid?

If you are planning to publish blogs in really high authority sites, all have the option to accept free posts upon certain terms and conditions. But there is no guarantee that you will get a do-follow backlink from the free guest post options.

If you are planning to get real SEO boost for your website, then you need to invest for backlinks and get the paid guest posts done from the premium business blogs or niche relevant blogs based on your requirement.

If you are really consistent, then you have the more chances of getting free guest posts even from the premium websites like Forbes.

Does guest posting still work?

Guest posting is the primary way by using which you can publish a blog post on others websites and get a quality do follow backlink to your website.

As backlinks are one of the core Off Page SEO factor, Guest posting is the way by using which you can outreach manually to the other websites and get a backlink.

Guest posting works well as its one of the easiest way that you can outreach by yourself to the website owners and get the blog publishing done smoothly.

So if you are a business owner or a blogger, then you need to invest more time for guest posting to attain backlinks to your website.

How much does a guest post cost?

Obviously all will be looking to get the job done for Free with a free guest post. There are many sites in the internet which accepts free guest posts.

On the other hand, if you need really valuable and powerful links to your website, then you need to invest more on backlinks.

Backlinks remains to be one of the main Off Page SEO factor by using which you can boost your SEO ranks. Hence if you are planning for proper SEO, then you need to invest on guest posts for backlinks.

The cost of the guest post may vary from site to site. The price of the guest post may vary based on the factors like domain authority, page authority, organic traffic, domain rating, backlink profile, niche relevance, etc.

You can also check out my link-building guide for more detailed information on backlinks.

Top 10 High DA PA Free Guest Post Blog Submission Sites List

Below I have listed few blogs which accept free guest posts on certain terms and conditions. You can outreach to these sites manually for free blog submissions. Below sites accepts free submissions with author bio, but you cant have any backlinks to your website for Free. All the below listed sites are Google News Approved. Below sites are also open for link exchanges if you need free backlinks for your website.

  1. UK Business Blog – https://business.clickdo.co.uk/

free guest post on uk business blog

UK Business Blog covers all kind of news and blogs related to business, startup, finance, crypto, law, etc. This blog is owned and managed by one of the best SEO Company in London, ClickDo Ltd. You can check out UK Business Blog today and get in touch with the editorial team of UK Business Blog and publish guest posts.

Contact – UK Business Blog Write For Us

  1. eBusiness Blog – https://www.ebusinessblog.co.uk/

free guest post on ebusiness blog

eBusiness Blog is one of the Google News Approved premier business blog which accepts guest posts on all topics related to business, law, finance, lifestyle, home and living, crypto, tech, etc. Backlink from eBusiness Blog is more suitable for all kind of business websites as it has press release feed running in it.

Contact – eBusiness Blog Write For Us

  1. My Business Blog – https://www.mybusinessblog.co.uk/

free guest post on My business blog

My Business Blog is one of the best business blog in UK which covers all business related news not only in UK, but also globally. This blog has high authority and domain rating. You can publish all kind of business related blogs in this site and get organic SEO boost for your website. My Business Blog covers news specifically related to start up and new businesses.

Contact – My Business Blog Write For Us

  1. I Do Business Blog – https://www.idobusiness.co.uk/

free guest post on idobusiness blog

I Do Business blog is one of the famous and most popular business blog in UK. As you can see from the blog, tons of posts are getting published each day and for all kind of business related news, you can follow this blog and gain more knowledge on current affairs related to startup business and related categories.

Contact – I Do Business Blog Write For Us

  1. The Business View – https://www.thebusinessview.co.uk/

free guest post on the business view

As the name of the blog itself suggests that this blog covers most of the business related news in the UK. The Business View is a Google News Approved blog. This blog also welcomes all kind of niche relevant writers to become regular authors and contribute many informative contents on daily basis.

Contact – The Business View Write For Us

  1. Live Business Blog – https://www.livebusinessblog.com/

live business blog free guest posting site

Live Business Blog is a Google News Approved business blog which covers content on all the categories related to business, finance, technology, online marketing, lifestyle, startup tips and many more. If you are having a business niche website, backlinks from these kind of websites will really boost your SEO performance.

Contact – Live Business Blog Write For Us

  1. Investise – https://www.investise.com/

investise free guest post site

Investise is one of the popular investment blog which covers the investment related news and updates covering worldwide. If you are planning to publish any blogs related to trading, investment, make money online, earn money, crypto, shares., then Investise will be the best option for you to publish such blogs to get more reach from the right audience.

Contact – Investise Write For Us

  1. Blogrovr – https://www.blogrovr.com/

free guest post on Blogrovr

Blogrovr is one of the general blog which covers content related to all kind of niches like business, tech, health, marketing, finance, crypto, home and living and many more sectors. If you are looking for any kind of general blog which is Google News Approved, then Blogrovr will be one of the best choice for you to have a look and publish blogs.

Contact – Blogrovr Write For Us

  1. BIZ Diggers – https://www.biz-diggers.com/

free guest post biz diggers

BIZ Diggers is one of the business blog which covers news and blogs related to business tips, finance tips, crypto investment tips, trading, etc. If you are planning to publish a blog post on pure investment business related blog, then Biz Diggers will be one of the best choice for you to submit a post.

Contact – Biz Diggers Write For Us

  1. Yoda London – https://www.yodalondon.co.uk/

yoda london free guest post

As the name itself says that this is a London based blog. But it doesn’t mean that it will not accept contents gloabally. If you are really planning to get global outreach for your brand. Then Yoda London will be one of the best place to get the guest posting done for a backlinks.

Contact – https://www.yodalondon.co.uk/write-for-us/

You can review the above blogs and outreach them personally to get the guest posting done. These are some of the best blogs which accept free blog submissions. These free guest posting sites will allow you to publish a free post without any kind of advertorial or editorial links or backlinks, but you can publish under your author bio for free. On the other hand, you can also get a backlink from the post through link exchange options as well.

You can get in touch with me at digital@dineshkumarvm.com if you would like to publish posts in any of the above listed websites.


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