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How To Build PBN Links? – Guide To Make Safe PBN Backlinks

how to build pbn links

Are you planning to build PBN links to your business website or blogging website?

Are you thinking about whether the PBN links are safe for your website?

Do you think Google will penalize your website because of PBN backlinks?

This blog has answers to all your queries. In this blog, I have briefed on how to build PBN links safely to the money site and improve the SEO ranks.

What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

Private Blog Network or PBN is a list of hundreds or thousands of websites that are owned and managed by the same person or agency.

These bunch of websites are used only for the sake of building backlinks to other websites and improve the organic SEO of the target website. SEO Consultants usually have their own PBN blog network to build links to their client websites for organic SEO.

Now, here comes the question, whether PBN links are safe?

Being a business owner, if you are reading this blog, then you may have the common question arising in your mind whether these sort of artificial links are safe for your website or not.

Even you may have the thought running in your back of mind whether these kinds of links will affect your website in the long run even though the ranks are improved for now. Well, I have answers for all your queries!

PBN Links – Safe or Not?

When it comes to PBN links, it can be 100% percent safe if you choose the reputed and experienced right PBN link provider like ClickDo. It depends on how the private blog network is built and maintained over the period of time.

pbn links safe or not

As mentioned earlier, these private blog network websites are built and run only for building backlinks. Hence, most of the common mistakes the users make is that by hosting hundreds of websites on the same IP’s or in similar duplicate IP’s. This will ideally trigger Google to understand that all these sites are managed by the same person and artificial linking is done.

Building PBN links from the websites hosted on the same IP will ideally not help to improve your ranks, hence while building PBN links always make sure that each website is hosted in unique IP and the website is well indexed by Google.

How to build PBN Links?

Building PBN links to the money site is not a simple task as you say. First thing you need to give importance is by choosing the right PBN backlink provider. Make sure you hire the right person and build legit PBN links to your website.

how to build pbn backlinks

There are few things you need to give importance while building PBN links, below I have mentioned few factors which you can have a look before buying PBN links.

  • Unique IP’s

Make sure the PBN website is hosted in the unique IP and the list doesn’t have any duplicate IPs. If the sites are hosted in duplicate or repeating IPs, then the links from those sites will not ideally bring any value to your website. The below image will help you get an idea of how I manage my PBN sites with unique IP hosting.

PBN websites hosted in unique IPs

I personally use SeekaHost multiple IP PBN hosting to host my PBN blogs. SeekaHost offers like up to 2000 unique IPs for hosting PBN blogs. If you are an SEO consultant and looking to build PBN network, then SeekaHost will be one of the best choice for you to host PBN sites with unique dedicated IPs without footprints.

pbn hosting at seekahost

  • PBN Blog Indexation

Make sure the PBN blogs are indexed by Google search. If the website is not indexed, then there is no point in building links from those sites. So before building links, make sure that the Private Blog Network websites are well indexed by Google.

You can just drop the domain name on Google and check whether the site is indexed or not, like shown in the below image.

pbn blogs indexation

  • Don’t go for unnatural backlinks

When building PBN links, always make sure that you build links to the blog pages page and also to the sub pages of your website rather than linking only to the money pages.

This will help to neutralize your backlink profile and make sure it looks more natural and relevant from Google’s point of view.

Always try to go with the long tail anchors and the naked URL anchors rather than focusing only on keyword-rich anchor texts.

  • Do better publishing

While publishing guest blogs on PBN sites and building links, Always make sure to do the proper On-Page SEO to the PBN blog posts with proper title tags, headings, and more images.

Make sure to add more internal links and reference links (external links) in a natural way to other sites. This will ideally make your backlink look more natural.

The common mistake most users make is that by linking to only his/her website from the particular post. Doing this will have more chance of triggering Google as a manual link-building strategy.

At the end of the day, even If you build links from PBN blogs, make sure that it makes sense to the readers than the search engines.

How to make quality PBN links to the money pages?

Well, now I hope that you have got clear idea about the PBN links and their benefits when used properly. Hiring the right person or SEO agency will help you protect your website with powerful PBN links.

I manage like more than 800+ PBN blogs at ClickDo and accept guest blogs on the same. All the sites are hosted in unique IP’s and many of these sites are even Google News Approved as well.

I do have proven ranking results for my blogs and clients using PBN links. You can get in touch with me at dinesh@clickdo.co.uk and I am happy to provide you Free consultation for you to get an idea of how my PBN links work and how I manage them.

How I improved organic traffic with PBN links?

Well, before getting into this I would like to make a point that ranking not depends only on PBN links. There are several other factors which you need to give importance like On Page SEO, Technical SEO, Content Optimization and many more before moving into the PBN links module.

Below is one of the many successful SEO case study which I have worked on.

Before starting the link-building campaign, the website doesn’t have any backlinks as it’s a brand new website and I have started the SEO from the scratch. Initially we went on with On Page Optimization before moving into the backlinking module.

As you can see from the below image, the number of referring domains and the organic traffic is literally zero during the start of the campaign.

before building pbn links

After completing all the On Page SEO and technical SEO things, I have moved on to the backlinks. I gave equal importance to both high-quality premium backlinks from best business blogs and the generic PBN links from my network list. I have invested a lot for content and everything is done strategically and I have published bunch of guest blogs and built the links in a safe.

As you can see from the below image, the number of referring domains have increased quite high during the month of July 2022.

built pbn backlinks

With all the works being done, now its time to see the results and within few months the organic traffic of the site have crossed 1k/mon organically from Google alone and below image shows the same.

improvement in traffic after bulding pbn links

This is one of the many successful SEO Case Study which I have personally worked on. So when it comes to building PBN links, it’s always safe when done properly with the good Private Blog Network list.

If you are a business owner or SEO consultant reading this blog, if have any queries about PBN links or if you need to build PBN links for your website, you can contact me at dinesh@clickdo.co.uk and I am happy to assist you. You can also get the best PBN backlinks from our blog network at ClickDo.


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