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PBN Links – Buy PBN Backlinks for Organic SEO Boost

buy pbn links

What are PBN Links?

PBN’s most likely to be called as the Private Blog Networks is a group of blogs/websites which is owned by a same person or agency to build PBN backlinks for the business website to improve the organic SEO ranks on Google search results.

Normally the Private Network Blogs are maintained by the SEO agencies or the freelance SEO consultants in order to build links for their client website and rank on Google SERP’s.

Hundreds or even thousands of PBN websites are normally managed by a single person and maintained to boost the client websites with powerful backlinks.

Are the PBN Backlinks Safe?

are pbn backlinks safe

There is a myth hanging around the internet that PBN links are not safe to link to business websites and it may result in penalizing the website by search engines. The answer for this is, a big NO.

PBN backlinks are not meant to spam or penalize your website. As an SEO Consultant, I am using the PBN links for my client and I could say it works for me as skyrocket to boost the ranks.

I was working with many UK based SEO clients at ClickDo and I have used PBN’s in a very effective way to rank & bank my client websites.

Even in the highly competitive niches like Dental, Rubbish Removal, Pest Control, etc, I have outranked many sites with powerful PBN links.  You can check out some of my SEO case studies at https://www.clickdo.co.uk/case-study/

With this being said, you can’t say all the Private Blog Network websites are safe until you manually review certain terminologies like the IP how it is hosted, footprints of the PBN’s and many more factors.

Before building PBN backlinks, you should always make sure that the blogs are hosted in unique IP’s and free from footprints. This will ensure that the links are safe enough to boost the ranks.

How to do proper PBN backlinks to your money site?

PBN Content Quality

When it comes to PBN blogs, most of them think that its fine to stuff with the spun content or duplicated contents just for the name sake to build links? But do you think, this is right? NO, it’s not.

You should treat your PBN’s as normal blogs and should invest on proper contents to publish posts and build links.

Just make sure that content is well written relevant to your niche and links are embedded from that as it will help to boost your SEO.

PBN Blog Setup

PBN should be hosted in unique C class IP’s and to make it more simple, even though we name it as PBN. It should be treated as a normal website.

Ensure that the PBN websites are responsive with 100% uptime and have SSL certificates configured in each of them.

Also ensure that PBN sites have decent number of referring domains and the site is indexed on Google.

Some PBN blogs may be regularly updated with contents and some may not, but it doesn’t matter a lot provided the condition if the blog is indexed by Google search engine.

On top of all, as a SEO agency or business owner, you should make sure that you buy the PBN backlinks from the right vendor like ClickDo or me where we make sure links are safe and powerful for your SEO.

Cheap PBN Backlinks

cheap pbn links

If you are planning to buy cheap PBN Backlinks from Fiverr or Legiit, then my suggestion would be not to go for such links.

There is a famous saying which states “Thing Which is Cheaper Isn’t Always Better”. Same applies when you buy PBN links as well.

You should always thing before buying cheap links. Cheap links aren’t always best because you should know that there is a proper cost involved in maintaining the PBN network by hosting in unique IP’s.

Hence while buying PBN links, even if its slightly higher you should always go for the best links.

Buy High Quality PBN Backlinks

If you are looking to buy high authority PBN links, then you can get it in touch with me as I personally manage 400+ PBN blogs at ClickDo (SEO Agency in London).

Well, you may think why you need to buy links from me. Because, I would say it’s the best PBN backlinks in the industry and the reason for it is below are some proofs.

Me and Fernando Raymond (Founder & CEO of ClickDo) are personally involved in taking care of our PBN networks and maintaining it well.

Below is one of my clients website’s data in which you can see the keywords in top 100 are very less when starting the project,

With proper PBN back linking strategy and with some high authority backlinks, within 3 to 4 months of time, the below result was achieved and you can see the number of keywords which is ranking on top 3 of the search results are 87 which is a massive growth.

So, now here’s the catch. You may thought of having a look at some of my PBN’s. Yes, you should. Below I have listed some of the PBN blogs for your references.

PBN Websites List – Example

If you go through the below sites, you will get a clear idea of how I take care of the PBN network and manage them to pass the link juice to money sites.

News of the Hour – https://www.newsofthehour.co.uk/

news of the hour

Blogrovr – https://www.blogrovr.com/


DIR Business – https://www.dirbusiness.co.uk/

dir business

Entrepreneurs Toolkit – https://www.entrepreneurstoolkit.org/

entrepreneurs toolkit

London On – https://www.londonon.org/

london on

These are some of the PBN examples from my huge list. I never accept low quality contents in my blogs as I should make sure these blogs pass on the real value to the money sites when used for link building.

Why you need to buy PBN Links from me?

If you are planning to buy premium quality PBN backlinks, then you can get in touch with me at dinesh@clickdo.co.uk. I will help you with best quality PBN links for your website and will help you improve the ranks.

Based on your requirement, I will do a proper audit of your website and will suggest you the best strategy to build links.

I have worked in many niches and have ranked many business websites for my clients in UK and hence I have plenty of experience to give insights for your SEO.

What client say about my PBN Backlinks & SEO work?

Well, I personally handle many clients in London for ClickDo in different verticals and have also ranked many websites in highly competitive niches.

Below are some of my client feedbacks about my work!

private blog network links

safe private blog network links

review about pbn backlinks

Hope you are now got an overall idea about my work and results. You can get in touch with me any time at dinesh@clickdo.co.uk and will help you get the best PBN backlinks in the market.


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