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How to do perfect On Page SEO with All In One SEO Plugin?

how to do on page seo

About On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the web page optimization technique which is done for each web page to improve the rankings on the Google Search Results Page (SERP). On-Page SEO includes lots of factors like Title tag, Meta Description, URL Slugs, Meta Keywords, Internal links, External links, Heading tags, Image optimization and many more factors. In this blog, let’s see in more detailed about doing the On-Page SEO perfectly for a WordPress Blog.

all in one seo plugin to do seo

What are the Core On-Page SEO factors?

Core On-Page SEO factors include,

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • URL Slug
  • Meta Keywords
  • Heading Tags
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Internal Links
  • External Links

These are the core On-Page factors and to know more in detail about each factor, you can check out the blog about On-Page SEO. In this blog, I have explained in detail about each factor and the optimization techniques.

How to do On-Page SEO using All in One SEO Plugin?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) which is used by most of the bloggers and the website owners. Doing On-Page SEO in the WordPress CMS is quite simple and it can be done perfectly by using the All in One SEO Plugin. This plugin is available both in free and premium versions, You can find all the basic On-Page SEO options in the free version itself.

Right from optimizing the title tags to optimizing the images best for the content. You can do everything using the All in One SEO plugin. In the below video, i have published a blog in real-time using the All in One SEO plugin by doing the proper On-Page SEO.



If you are already familiar in blogging or even if you are new to WordPress SEO. You can check out the above video and learn to do the On-Page SEO perfectly.

How to get On-Page SEO Score 100% perfect in All in One SEO Plugin?

perfect on page seo

To make sure that you do the On-Page SEO perfectly, All in One SEO plugin has an option and you can check the On-Page SEO score using that. In the below video, I have shown clearly on how to do the On-Page SEO 100% perfect and get the SEO Score as 100 out of 100 in the All in One SEO plugin.


If you are familiar with On-Page SEO, then you will be aware of these factors already. Check out the above video and implement these simple smart techniques in your blog and make the On-Page SEO perfect.

In the advanced version of the All in One SEO plugin, there are many new features like Social settings, Schema and many more. By using the free version of the All in One SEO plugin, you can able to optimize your webpage perfectly and rank well on Google SERP’s.




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