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How to Create a Website in Tamil? – WordPress Tutorial in Tamil

how to create a website in tamil

Creating a Website – Shown in Tamil

Are you a beginner in the blogging field and planning to create a new website? If you are searching for a video to learn to create a website in Tamil, then you are in the right place. In this blog, I have shown clearly on how to create a new website from the scratch right from registering the domain name to making the website live on the Internet.

In this blog, you can find a video where I have explained clearly in Tamil language to help the beginners to learn about website creation process. If you are not comfortable in English, don’t worry. In this video, I have explained everything so clearly in my native language Tamil.

WordPress Tutorial in Tamil

WordPress is the content management system by using which you can create a new website with proper design very easily. If you are planning to build a blogging website or a business website, you can use the WordPress CMS to create the website. In the below video, you can find the WordPress tutorial by me in Tamil where I have explained everything about WordPress and tips to optimize the website using different plugins available in WordPress.


In this video, I have explained the below listed process with live screen sharing in Tamil for your better understanding.

Step by step guide to creating a website from scratch – Explained in Tamil

  1. How to register a domain name?

Domain registration is the first process you need to do if you are planning to create a website. You can register the domain in one of the best domain registration and hosting providers like SeekaHost and use it. Based the purpose of the website, you can pick a nice domain and register it. Also, you need to renew the domain name every year to have full control over it.

How to register a domain name

  1. How to host a website?

Once the domain registration is done, you need to host the domain name with the web hosting provider like SeekaHost or GoDaddy. When you host your website, then all the data’s related to your website will be stored in that particular server where you have hosted your website and hence the website can be accessible by all the users in the internet. Here I have hosted the website using SeekaHost Blog Hosting Control Panel which is superfast and has lots of features.

How to host a website

  1. How to install WordPress & integrate SSL in the website?

Once the website is hosted, next process is installing the WordPress. This is the best content management system and also WordPress is easy to use, especially if you are beginner. Since I have hosted my blog using SeekaHost Blog Hosting Control Panel, WordPress installation is done automatically in the backend as shown in the above video.

SSL is called Secure Socket Layer (SSL), You need to integrate SSL to your website to make sure that the website loads in the HTTPS version. Even the SSL integration is made so simple with the help of SeekaHost and in the above WordPress tutorial in Tamil, I have show how to integrate SSL for your new website.

How to install WordPress and Integrate SSL in the website


  1. Installing & configuring the basic WordPress Plugins

If you are planning to build a blogging or business website using WordPress, then there are many basic plugins available in WordPress by using which you can optimize the site to perform well on Google SERP’s. Some of the common WordPress plugins are All in One SEO Plugin, Contact Form 7 and many more. In the above video, I have shown how to install & configure the basic WordPress plugins.

Installing and configuring the basic WordPress Plugins


  1. How to create a Page in Website?

If you take any website, whether it can be a business website or a blogging website. The website should have the common pages like About Us, Contact Us, etc.  Here I have explained in Tamil on how to create such pages using the WordPress easily.

Creating a Page in Website


  1. How to create a Post in Website?

If you are planning to build a blogging website, then you will be publishing tons of posts in your website to rank and drive traffic. Creating a Post/Page is more similar, but when it comes to the blogging website, you need to publish blog posts to rank and bank.

Creating a Post in Website


  1. How to do On-Page SEO?

If you publish any blog post, then you should make sure that you do the On Page SEO perfectly. Optimizing the webpage perfectly for On Page SEO will make sure that your blog ranks easily on Google SERP’s. On Page SEO includes optimization of Title tags, Meta description, URL slugs, Heading tags, Image alt tags, Internal links, External links, etc. I have shown clearly in this video to publish a blog post with the perfect On Page SEO.

How to do On Page SEO


  1. How to integrate Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is the open-source tool provided by Google to help the publishers and the website owners to analyze the performance of their website. By using Google Search Console, you can easily find and fix the errors if you have any in your website. Also, you can get an idea about the top performing pages in your website by using the Google Search Console.

Integrating Google Search Console


  1. XML Sitemap Creation & Submission

XML Sitemap is a collection of all the URL’s which is present in your website. XML Sitemap will have all the list of posts, pages, attachment links which you have in the website. If you are starting a new website, you should make sure that you create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google by using the Google Search Console. Once you submit the sitemap to Google, it will help the search engine crawlers to effectively crawl and index your webpages.

XML Sitemap Creation & Submission


  1. How to Integrate Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is also an open-source tool provided by Google. By using Google Analytics, you can easily get an idea about the traffic that you receive to your website from different locations. Google Analytics will give a clear idea about the traffic insights for your website.

Integrating Google Analytics

In this blog, I have shown step by step procedure to create a website in my native language Tamil. You can watch the above video which I have embedded in this page and learn the complete WordPress Tutorial in Tamil. If you have any queries, you can feel free to get in touch with me at dinesh@clickdo.co.uk


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